Solo Laminator

Although the Solo costs less than other laminators, it still provides all the important features found on more expensive models including:

  • Top and bottom rollers covered with hard silicone.
  • Rigid steel cores in top roller for better pressure.
  • Heavy duty motor.
  • Automatic take up shaft.
  • Spring loaded top roller.
  • Rugged steel and aluminum construction.
  • Accommodates boards up to 3/4" thick .
  • 8 Seconds per foot.
Solo Laminator

With your Solo you can laminate media from long wraps down to smaller inkjet photos. Even if you are using solvent or archival inks, laminating offers important benefits.
  • Provides scratch resistance and UV protection
  • Protects from chemicals, dirt and fingerprints
  • Keeps your print looking great during its entire life
  • Extends the life of the print
  • Prints look more vibrant
  • Cold laminates have excellent clarity
  • Variety of finishes-gloss, luster, matte
Solo Laminator

Solo Laminator
The Solo will apply adhesives to boards, then roll down the print to the board, quickly, easily and smoothly. It eliminates the hassles of squeegeeing by hand or the high cost of contracting out your mounting work.


Roller Widths
25", 38", 55" or 65"
Board Thickness
up to 1" thick
8 seconds per foot (or 7.5 ft. per minute)
110 volt (U.S.) or 230 volts (for overseas)
Outside Dimensions
25": 17" W x 31" L
38": 17" W x 44" L
55": 17" W x 61" L
65": 17" W x 71" L
25 Inch - Solo Laminator
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38 Inch - Solo Laminator
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55 Inch - Solo Laminator
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65 Inch - Solo Laminator
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